Monday, March 19, 2007

World of Weather

Right now, it's raining somewhere in the world. But in another part of the world, it's sunny! Our world has many different kinds of weather. What do people do in this weather? Let's find out.


Living in All Kinds of Weather

People live in different kinds of weather all over the world. Look at the map to see where these children live.
It Is Very Cold

Brrrrr. The winters on this lake are very cold. This boy has fun when he goes ice fishing. He makes a hole in the ice and waits for the fish to bite. How would you have fun in the cold?



It is Very Dry

It does not rain much in the desert. In dry places, people need to drink a lot of water. This boy carries water when he rides in the desert. How would you like to ride a donkey in the desert?



It Is Very Rainy

In some parts of the world, it rains for six months each year. These boys use big leaves to stay dry. How would you stay dry in the rain?


Thailand (tie-land)
It Is Very Hot

It is never cold on these islands. It is always hot. The sunshine is bright. This girl wears a big hat to keep her skin safe from the sun. How would you keep safe from the sun?


Seychelles (say-shelz)
March Winds Blow!

Welcome to March weather! In many places in the United States, March brings strong winds. Some cities have kite festivals. People watch the wind blow their kites high in the sky.

Scholastic News, Mar2007

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